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2013 APW Information
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2013 Assistant Principal Workshop

February 17-19, 2013
AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center, Austin

The 2013 Assistant Principals Workshop was a great sucess!

Thank you to all who participated in and contributed to this conference! We hope that you found the time you spent with us fun and enlightening.

Please fill out this short survey on the conference so we will know how to better serve you in the future! We will see you next year!

Above All, Students First!


Timely Training for Assistant Principals and ASPIRING APs of Texas

Participate in three days of dynamic and practical training as you learn from master practitioners and build professional learning relationships with TEXAS ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS!

This workshop is a great opportunity for assistant principals and aspiring campus-level leaders  who seek to learn from master practitioners and to share successful strategies with fellow colleagues from across Texas. Optional Focus Sessions will be available on Sunday, February 17, providing in-depth training on documentation and instructional leadership with an emphasis on aligning curriculum and state assessments. All sessions are selected intentionally based on the multiple areas of responsibility that an assistant principal and future principal must know and be able to do in order to be effective leaders. We look forward to seeing you in February 2013 at the TASSP Assistant Principal Workshop.




7:15a - 5:00p


10:30a - 11:30a


1:00p - 4:15p

IN-DEPTH TRAINING SESSIONS (Additional Fee for these Optional Sessions)

Dr. John Crain – Documentation Training. This session is designed to train administrators on the legal framework within which documentation of all Texas public school employees takes place and to focus on specific steps required to document effectively document an employee’s performance. Registration for this session includes a copy of the latest edition of the Texas Documentation Handbook: Appraisal, Nonrenewal, Termination; Fifth Edition and a CD loaded with all the documentation forms. The authors of the handbook are Frank R. Kemerer and John A. Crain, well-respected leaders in education. 


 Dr. Denise Collier – Leadership fpr Ensuring Access to a Rigorous STAAR-Ready Curriculum for All Students. Join your colleagues in a collaborative dialogue about curriculum and instructional leadership. You will be examining key instructional leadership concepts related to ensuring all students have equal access to TEKS-based learning including:
1) leading for curricular coherence aligned to readiness and supporting standards;
2) building a shared understanding of academic rigor for STAAR readiness; and
3) facilitating a standards-based, curriculum-focused PLC.

1:00p - 4:15p

BREAKOUT SESSIONS (Set I 1:00-2:30  |  Set II: 2:45-4:15)


If We Can’t Model it, We Can’t Demand It: Engagement Strategies for Adult Learners. Attendees in this session will examine practical strategies designed to foster a culture of learning, and more importantly, to enhance the assistant principal's role as an instructional leader. Outcomes intended are an increased knowledge of best instructional practices, heightened respect between administrators and instructional staff, and richer collaborative dialogue centered on student learning.


Overcoming Obstacles. Dealing with the unexpected, the difficult and sometimes, yes, the unbelievable consume a significant portion of the work day for an assistant principal. There are ways to lead through the rough waters of leadership and to lead effectively. If you seek strategies for overcoming obstacles, let’s talk.

  Improving Instruction through Effective Documentation and Intervention Plans. This interactive presentation will target supervising administrators at the middle and high school level and is aimed at improving classroom instruction through proper documentation and intervention plans. The bottom line is to improve student success, and this can be accomplished with a TINA plan that incorporates specific, quantifiable, and measurable components that ensure adherence and monitoring of the plan. Participants will return to tier campuses with viable techniques to improve instruction with this process.


Flipping Out is In!  Administrative Support for Flipped Classrooms. Administrative support for the Flipped Classroom. How to build the culture that supports teachers ‘flipping Out.” Gaining back time during class to address the needs and achievement of all students. See how the Allen High School journey has transformed teaching and learning. What does the data show? Come take a look.


Ethical Leadership. As a campus leader it is important to gain and maintain the trust of those who follow you. This session will re-familiarize participants with the recently-revised Texas Educators' Code of Ethics and delve into issues of ethical decision-making, focusing on recent high-profile cases both inside and outside of education.

  Developing Assistant Principals as Instructional Leaders. This session will focus on using data to develop and support positive instructional practices at the campus level. Data studies reveal strengths and needs. Using data to identify needs promotes evaluation of current practices and the development of more effective strategies to support academic growth in teaching and learning.

4:30p - 6:00p

GENERAL SESSION - AP of the Year Recognition and Keynote Presentations


Sean Cain – How to be an Expert in Instruction in Three Easy Steps.  Adult practice drives student performance. Key to improving staff practice is your ability to coach from a position of confidence and true expertise. In this presentation, Sean Cain will guide you through the discrete practices that build real instructional expertise in school leaders. Be the expert that your school needs and your teachers deserve.

Barbara Jane (BJ) Paris - Systems, systems and more systems. To spend time doing the things we value as educators, we must have systems in place for the things that derail us. Administrators do not wake up each day thinking  "Let's see what keeps us from doing my job today". We begin with an instructional focus and a mission that is frequently derailed by situations that detract from purposeful leadership. Examples on the front burner include bullying, school safety, parent interactions, and the litigious minefields we stumble across daily.  In any event, a system will serve as a checklist, provide structure, create a document trail and ultimately save time.
We cannot make extra time, but we can protect the time we have.

Larry Bell – The Power of an Assistant Principal. This keynote is a dynamic and empowering reminder that every assistant principal can help every teacher to help every child because high expectations transcend all “barriers.” I use information and inspiration to accomplish this goal. I’ll tell you how.



7:15a - 5:00p


7:15a - 4:30p EXHIBITS OPEN

7:15a - 8:00a


8:00a - 11:30a

BREAKOUT SESSIONS (Set III: 8:00a - 9:30a  |  Set IV: 10:00a - 11:30a)


Larry Bell – Specific Strategies to Reach All Students. This is a “hands-on,” interactive workshop that provides vocabulary, math and testing strategies that increase achievement for the most struggling students.


Sean Cain – How to be an Expert in Instruction in Three Easy Steps. As accountability standards increase and resources decline, campus self-reliance and staff capacity-building are no longer just good ideas. These are now survival skills. Best-selling author, national speaker and Texas practitioner, Sean Cain, will share with the audience the “no short-cuts” path to becoming an expert in instruction. More than ever, the success of your campus, students and teachers, rests on your shoulders. Start making every day count…today!


Nelson Coulter, Ed. D. – Listening and Questioning: The Dynamic Duo of the Principal’s Tool Box. Attendees in this session will examine the two most powerful communications tools in the administrator's toolbox - listening and questioning. Strategies for becoming a more powerful listener and a more skillful questioner will be explored. Intended outcomes are that attendees will have enhanced perceptions of "presence"  among faculty/staff, and have improved skills in genuine relationship building, designed to foster more powerful learning cultures within their respective schools.


Barbara Jane (BJ) Paris – So what do systems look like on Monday morning? Systems are only as effective as the people implementing them. They have to be thoughtfully developed, clearly articulated and easily implemented. This session will provide four specific systems I have developed that address cyberbullying, school safety/incident command, effective communication and professional development. These are all things I wish someone had handed me as a new assistant principal.


Please Note:  Other Breakout Sessions May Be Added to the Assistant Principals Workshop Program

1:00p - 1:50p

GENERAL SESSION - Julian Shaddix, Forcast for the Texas 83rd Legislative Session

2:00p - 5:00p

BREAKOUT SESSIONS (Set V: 2:00p - 3:15p  |  Set VI: 3:45p - 5:00p)


Getting a Grip on Behavior Management: A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane.  Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of creating and/or implementing an effective behavior management plan for your campus?  Fear not. Let’s rewind the clock a few years and revive a few key components of the Texas Behavior Support Initiative and Response to Intervention: multi-tiered models, data interpretation, differentiated instruction and self-care are powerful strategies—external and internal—that will increase the effectiveness of your campus-based behavior management plan.


The Saboteur's Playbook: 10 Ways To Ensure That Nothing Gets Done. Are you tired of the constant struggle to improve your school?  Are you ready to phone it in and let the World solve its own problems? Do you secretly wish to make the job of teachers even more difficult? If so, then this is the presentation for you.  Review the 10 most effective ways to stop school improvement efforts before they cause you any more discomfort or irritation.  Collaborate with other potential saboteurs as you build and refine your own blueprint for wasting the effort and crushing the hope of those you lead. Arrive early and defeat all of the hard charging, proactive and enthusiastic educators in their effort to get all the good seats.

  Data Notebooks and Documentation. Come join Andy Ball, Clifton Middle School Principal, and Paul Booth, Clifton Middle School Assistant Principal, in an informative session aimed at using data for student achievement. Clifton Middle School has adopted the practice of having teachers compile a Data Notebook to help with student achievement. These notebooks allow teachers to keep all relevant data-curriculum planning documents, assessments and results, data disaggregation and demographic breakdowns for each assessment, student tracking sheets and parent logs-all in one, convenient location. A current Data Notebook will be used during the presentation. Other forms of documentation and STAAR testing information will also be provided. 


Creating a Culture of Excellence. The research is clear; school effectiveness is greatly impacted by the culture of a campus. Participants will examine their current commitment to leading in education and understand the importance of driving teacher engagement in order to achieve a culture that demands excellence. Participants will discover key strategies and tools that will challenge the low performing teacher, motivate the middle performing teacher and re-recruit the high performing teacher. Join us in this important session as we explore key strategies that will affirm and challenge you to recognize the difference between good cultures and cultures that expect excellence.


Social Media for the Learning Leader. Social media is not just for entertainment anymore! Come learn how to leverage social media tools to transform your school climate, your communication plan, your instructional leadership, your community’s perception of the school, and your own professional growth. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs help you not to work more, but to work smarter…and better! Don’t let innovation leave you behind; join the social media revolution!


The Latest on Personal Liability of Educators. This session will focus on the liability/immunity of educators who are sued in their individual capacities under both state and federal law. Recent cases will be used to illustrate guiding principles and recommendations for practice.


Please Note: Other Breakout Sessions May Be Added to the Assistant Principals Workshop Program

5:15p - 6:15p



Experienced administrators will provide a comfortable and collegial forum for a general discussion about leadership and administration. Practical problems can be brought by attendees to the group and the group will explore possible solutions. This is an informal opportunity to pick up ideas and to share ideas about the role of the assistant principal on campuses. Hot Chocolate and a virtual fireplace will be provided to enhance the experience of the fireside chat.



7:30a - 8:30a



A Conversation on Leadership with Archie McAfee, Cindy Kirby, Tom Leyden and Jim Walsh. This session will be an informal conversation in a very large group to allow attendees to talk with three experienced principals and a renowned school attorney about issues that school administrators are facing today in their roles as campus leaders.

8:30a - 11:15a


Jim “Law Dawg” Walsh - Legal Issues for the Assistant Principal 2012. The Law Dawg will provide an update on pertinent changes to the statues and codes following the 82nd Legislative Session. Make plans now to attend this informative and highly entertaining law update session.

11:15a - 11:45a



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