From the Ed311 Law Conference and the annual Jostens Night of the Stars honoring our Texas Heroes to the Friday closing general session, you will not want to miss the TASSP Summer Workshop. We believe that principals, assistant principals, directors, teachers, and district administrators are best-positioned to ensure uninterrupted years of excellence in instruction for every student. And thus, TASSP builds research-based and practical professional development programs that promote the capacity to create innovative solutions to ever-changing educational needs and personal interests of a diverse student population. Commit today. Bring a team from your district, your graduate class, region service center, and more to this highly-regarded TASSP Summer Workshop. Invest personally in your professional growth and life-long learning.

At TASSP’s Summer Workshop you’ll have the chance to:
• GAIN insight into current and changing trends for the 21st-century campus
• HEAR from world-renowned speakers that guarantee to inform and inspire
• LEARN valuable leadership skills and best practices applicable to the field of education
• CONNECT with peers & corporate partners from all across the state of Texas 

Keynote Speakers:
Steve Gilliland | Jamie Vollmer | Kim Bearden | Eric Sheninger | Adam Sáenz 

We look forward to seeing you at the TASSP 2019 Summer Workshop! This is the annual conference hosted by TASSP and is attended by over 2,500 principals, assistant principals, directors, professors, aspiring administrators, teachers, counselors, and students. Educators from around the nation join Texas educators at this nationally-recognized conference. Don’t miss the learning opportunity!

• TASSP Summer Workshop Registration »

  • Member Registration Fee: $266 by May 22nd, $316 after May 22nd
  • Non-Member Registration Fee: $466 by May 22nd, $516 after May 22nd
    (JOIN NOW and register for SWS at the discounted member rate when you register for both together from registration link above- please note this is for the remainder of the 18-19 year.)

• Housing Reservation »  
 BOOK IN THE BLOCK by May 22, 2019 and utilize reduced rates. On May 23, the housing link will remain live but availability will be based on general hotel occupancy.

Housing is managed by Conference Direct using the Passkey system. Reduced room rates for the hotels in the block were negotiated by TASSP staff for attendees at the TASSP Summer Workshop. If you need assistance, you must call Conference Direct. Individual hotels will NOT have the reservation list until June 1. Convention Housing Contact Information: 877-262-5617.

• Josten’s Night of The Stars Awards Dinner Registration »  
   Tuesday, June 11th, 6:00 pm, Hilton Austin Hotel
Honoring TASSP Texas Heroes: Outstanding Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year, Retiring Principals, Past Presidents, and the Eddie G. Bull Professional Development Scholarship Recipient. Join us at the Annual Josten’s Night of the Stars where we celebrate outstanding leadership in secondary schools in Texas. The event is open to all workshop registrants and guests. The meal is a delicious three-course dinner served while attendees enjoy a fun evening networking with colleagues and entertainment. Don’t miss the celebration! (Dinner registration is separate from the Summer Workshop registration.)

  • $60 adult (age 12 & over)
  • $25 child (age 11 & under)

Why register for the TASSP 2019 Summer Workshop?

If you are an educator, there are so many reasons why the TASSP Summer Workshop
is the place to be this year. Here are a few to consider.

  • Meet and learn with experts on topics related to leadership…in the district, at the school, in the classroom, and in the community.
  • Prepare the new and the experienced educator on how to empower student success.
  • There’s something for every lead learner. Whether you are starting your career in education or you have long-time experience, you will find everything you need to leave better prepared to lead, to teach, and to build success for your school.
  • Customize your experience based on your needs.
  • Develop, strengthen, and reflect on your knowledge, skills, and actions, and get the detailed insight you need to enact real change in your school.
  • Collaborate for student success.
  • Learn from your peers and lay the groundwork for students to grow in a safe and high-performing environment.
  • Build your professional learning community with your colleagues from across the state and the nation.

In 2018, TASSP exceeded previous registration totals. 
WHY? High-quality professional development; Networking;
and presentations by experts in the field.

Don't Forget to also register for the:
2019 Conference on Education Law for Principals

  • Stay Informed! Presentations on current legal issues of particular concern to: school principals & other campus-level personnel, superintendents, school board members, school attorneys, district administrators.
  • Opportunity to gain 5 hours: Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) or Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Invest in your own personal growth & lifelong learning.

Registration for this Law Conference is SEPARATE and made through ED311. The law conference is the day before the TASSP Summer Workshop (Tuesday, June 11) and is a totally separate event and registration process.  CLICK HERE to register with ED311. (Phone: 512-478-2113)

Come early...stay late. It is together that we learn and lead 
secondary schools in Texas to high levels of achievement!