2021-2022 TASSP Region Principals and Assistant Principal of the Year

Congratulations to the following for being selected by their colleagues in their respective regions
as the 
2021-2022 Region Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year:

Region 1 •  Ivan Karr, HS Principal, Sharyland Advanced Academic Acad, Sharyland ISD
Region 1 •  Alfredo Palapa, MS Principal, Salvador Garcia Middle School, United ISD
Region 1 •  Arlene Trevino, HS Ass’t. Principal, United High School - 9th Grade Campus, United ISD
Region 1 •  Priscilla Trigo, MS Ass’t. Principal, Elias Longoria Middle School, Edinburg CISD
Region 2 •  Anna Fuentes, MS Principal, Haas Middle School, Corpus Christi ISD
Region 2 •  Dr. Barbara Brinkman, MS Ass’t. Principal, Cunningham MS @ South Park, Corpus Christi ISD
Region 3 •  Estela Reyes, HS Principal, Bay City High School, Bay City ISD
Region 3 •  Jo Beth Jones, MS Principal, Howell Middle School, Victoria ISD
Region 3 •  Steve Saenz, HS Ass’t. Principal, El Campo High School, El Campo ISD
Region 3 •  Dustin Meaux, MS Ass’t. Principal, Goliad Middle School, Goliad ISD
Region 4 •  Robert Laird, HS Principal, Channelview High School, Channelview ISD
Region 4 •  Elizabeth Raska, HS Assoc. Principal, Clear Lake High School, Clear Creek ISD
Region 5 •  Nicholas Phillips, HS Principal, West Brook High School, Beaumont ISD
Region 5 •  Shyulanda Randle-Filer, MS Principal, Vincent Middle School, Beaumont ISD
Region 5 •  Wayne Stephenson, HS Ass’t. Principal, Little Cypress-Mauriceville HS, Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD
Region 5 •  Candace Gore, MS Ass’t. Principal, Lumberton Middle School, Lumberton ISD
Region 6 •  Monica Guerrero, MS Principal, Navasota Junior High School, Navasota ISD
Region 6 •  Donald Wesley, Jr., MS Ass’t. Principal, Navasota Junior High School, Navasota ISD
Region 7 •  Crystal Brock, HS Principal, Harleton High School, Harleton ISD
Region 7 •  John Smiley, HS Ass’t. Principal, Tyler Legacy High School, Tyler ISD
Region 7 •  Jeremy Whitten, MS Ass’t. Principal, Van Junior High School, Van ISD
Region 8 •  Kelly Baird, HS Principal, Como-Pickton High School, Como-Pickton CISD
Region 8 •  Susan Childress, MS Principal, Morris Upchurch Middle School, Queen City ISD
Region 8 •  Debbie Davis, HS Ass’t. Principal, Texas High School, Texarkana ISD
Region 8 •  Zach Fowler, MS Assoc. Principal, Pleasant Grove Middle School, Pleasant Grove ISD
Region 9 •  Dr. Cody Blair, HS Principal, SH Rider High School, Wichita Falls ISD
Region 9 •  Darla Biddy, MS Principal, WF George Middle School, Iowa Park Cons ISD
Region 9 •  Samuel Perry, HS Ass’t. Principal, Graham High School, Graham ISD
Region 9 •  Kyle Davenport, MS Ass’t. Principal, Barwise Middle School, Wichita Falls ISD
Region 10 •  Dr. Sean Walker, HS Principal, Royse City High School, Royse City ISD
Region 10 •  Holly Rogers, MS Principal, Scott Johnson MS, McKinney ISD
Region 10 •  Dr. Paula Kent, HS Ass’t. Principal, McKinney North High School, McKinney ISD
Region 10 •  Amy Sanford, MS Ass’t. Principal, Ford Middle School, Allen ISD
Region 11 •  Randy Cobb, HS Principal, Azle High School, Azle ISD
Region 11 •  Dr. David Arencibia, MS Principal, Colleyville Middle School, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Region 11 •  Kara Lea Deardorff, HS Assoc. Principal, Byron Nelson High School, Northwest ISD
Region 11 •  Patricia Lutkenhaus, MS Ass’t. Principal, Gene Pike Middle School, Northwest ISD
Region 12 •  Jimmy Jackson, HS Principal, Clifton High School, Clifton ISD
Region 12 •  Nicola Gardere, MS Ass’t. Principal, Marlin High School, Marlin ISD
Region 13 •  Chris Simpson, HS Principal, Leander High School, Leander ISD
Region 13 •  Keith Morgan, MS Principal, Cedar Park Middle School, Leander ISD
Region 13 •  LaTrese Smith, HS Ass’t. Principal, John B Connally High School, Pflugerville ISD
Region 13 •  Jaime Bell Garrison, MS Ass’t. Principal, Artie L Henry Middle School, Leander ISD
Region 14 •  Craig Kent, HS Principal, Cisco High School, Cisco ISD
Region 14 •  Jerry Russell, MS Principal, Snyder Junior High School, Snyder ISD
Region 14 •  Travis Gregory, HS Ass’t. Principal, Snyder High School, Snyder ISD
Region 14 •  Joshua Parker, MS Ass’t. Principal, Snyder Junior High School, Snyder ISD
Region 15 •  Joe Gandar, MS Principal, Lincoln Middle School, San Angelo ISD
Region 15 •  Lori Holubec, MS Ass’t. Principal, Brady Middle School, Brady ISD
Region 16 •  Shawn Read, HS Principal, Boys Ranch High School, Boys Ranch ISD
Region 16 •  Jamie Winborn, MS Principal, Pampa Junior High School, Pampa ISD
Region 16 •  Megan Longoria, HS Ass’t. Principal, Canadian High School, Canadian ISD
Region 16 •  Arely Diaz, MS Ass’t. Principal, River Road Middle School, River Road ISD
Region 17 •  Daylan Sellers, HS Principal, Seagraves High School, Seagraves ISD
Region 17 •  Marti Makuta, MS Principal, Cavazos Middle School, Lubbock ISD
Region 17 •  Misty McClung, HS Ass’t. Principal, Plainview High School, Plainview ISD
Region 17 •  Miranda Ruvalcaba, MS Ass’t. Principal, Cavazos Middle School, Lubbock ISD
Region 18 •  Patty Acosta, HS Principal, Monahans High School, Monahans ISD
Region 18 •  Cyndi Pyles, MS Principal, Abell Jr. High School, Midland ISD
Region 18 •  Ysmael Lujan, HS Assoc. Principal, Permian High School, Ector County ISD
Region 19 •  Javier Salgado, MS Principal, Parkland High School, Ysleta ISD
Region 19 •  Ruenna Valdez, HS Ass’t. Principal, Austin High School, El Paso ISD
Region 19 •  Jeffrey Ellsworth, MS Ass’t. Principal, Parkland High School, Ysleta ISD
Region 20 •  Robert Harris, HS Principal, Harlan High School, Northside ISD
Region 20 •  Lourdes Medina, MS Principal, Stinson Middle School, Northside ISD
Region 20 •  Zachary Beshea, MS Ass’t. Principal, Boerne North Middle School, Boerne ISD