TEA has invited Texas educators to give feedback on ESSA through an online survey. 

“The passage of ESSA has created a unique opportunity to inform Texas’ education policy,” said Commissioner Morath. “However, we need input from all parts of our state to ensure that, under ESSA, all students in Texas can receive a high-quality education that prepares them for the future.” 

The online ESSA survey, which will take less than ten minutes to complete, is available at http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3003630/ESSA-Public-Input-Survey.The online survey provides an opportunity for anyone to share views on how the state should implement provisions of ESSA. The survey period will run through Nov. 18, 2016. Read the TEA Release...

TASSP encourages you to participate in this opportunity to give campus-level voice on these very important policy decisions.

Congratulations to the Texas Teachers of the Year, regional and state-level representatives, who were recognized today for their commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of the children in our State.

Deborah Campbell was named the Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year. Serving students at San Angelo Central High School in San Angelo ISD is a daily choice bolstered by a long-term decision to be a teacher. Ms. Campbell states, "When administrators support teachers, anything is possible." Honored by her district, principal and three sons, Ms. Campbell received this honor.

Allison Ashley was named the Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year. Ashley is a bi-lingual teacher at Becker Elementary School in Austin ISD. She recognized her mother who was a bi-lingual teacher in Boston for many years as the greatest influence on her decision to be a teacher. TASSP congratulates Allison Ashley.

TASSP congratulates Ms. Campbell and Miss Ashley for their outstanding achievement in teaching!

TASSP applauds the work of Texas principals who lead K-12 campuses with dedicated service to students, teachers and communities. As we celebrate Principal's Month, we honor your service, we offer our support, and we believe that best decisions are made with our motto at the core of all considerations "Above All, Students First." Together we build success for our schools.

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To offer Texas principals and assistant principals a forum to explore the best practices in school administration with the ultimate goal of helping facilitate student learning. It is the intent of the organization that we honor our motto, "Above All, Students First," in all that we do.

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