June 13-15, 2018 | Austin Convention Center

TASSP Summer Workshop • June 13-15, 2018 • Austin Convention Center

From the kick-off celebration honoring our Texas Heroes to the Friday morning legislative update and closing general session, you will not want to miss the TASSP Summer Workshop. This is a state-level workshop recognized with national-level conferences and designed around two levels of commitment. The first commitment is to student success, and the second, but equal, commitment is to professional development for leaders. We believe that the principal and campus-level leadership team are best-positioned to ensure uninterrupted years of excellence in instruction for every student. And thus, principals need professional development that promotes the capacity to create innovative solutions to ever-changing educational needs and personal interests of a diverse student population. Commit today. Investing in high-quality professional development is important to your ongoing call to be an informed and innovative instructional leader on your campus.

At TASSP’s Summer Workshop you’ll have the chance to:
• GAIN insight into current and changing trends for the 21st-century campus
• HEAR from world-renowned speakers that guarantee to inform and inspire
• LEARN valuable leadership skills and best practices applicable to the field of education
• CONNECT with peers & corporate partners from all across the state of Texas

No matter why you choose to attend TASSP’s largest annual conference, you’ll undoubtedly leave feeling refreshed and enthused, with ample motivation to lead your campus into the new school year. So register and save the date, June 13-15, 2018, and plan to join us for the Summer Workshop at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas!

Come early...stay late. It is together that we learn and lead secondary schools in Texas.


2018 Concurrent Session Proposal Form


2017 Virtual Summer Workshop Files

Jostens Night of the Stars Dinner - Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Austin Hilton Downtown
Honoring TASSP Texas Heroes: Outstanding Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year, Retiring Principals, Past Presidents, and the Eddie G. Bull Professional Development Scholarship Recipient.
Join us at the Annual Josten’s Night of the Stars where we celebrate outstanding leadership in secondary schools in Texas. The event is open to all workshop registrants and guests. The meal is a delicious three-course dinner served while attendees enjoy a fun evening networking with colleagues and being entertained by talented musicians. Don’t miss the celebration! (Dinner registration is separate from the Summer Workshop registration.)


FUTURE DATES for TASSP Summer Workshop:
June 12-14, 2019  |  June 10-12, 2020