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TASSP is honored to work in partnership with corporations who choose to support the mission and goals of providing quality professional development to secondary school leaders. This program enables TASSP to enrich the quality of the training offered through TASSP-sponsored events. The contributions received through this program go directly to securing well-known consultants, researchers, and experts on topics of interest to secondary school leaders. This program gives corporate partners expanded opportunities to meet face-to-face with TASSP members at workshops, seminars, and conferences.

The Texas Association of Secondary School Principals is an association comprised of more than 6,000 campus-level administrators (grades 6-12). Established in 1922, our purpose is to build an active network of educators who want to take responsibility for the quality of school leadership. Become a partner in Texas Secondary Education and select a plan that ensures you receive maximum miles for your contribution.

Contact Cindy Jackson to discuss partnership options: 512-443-2100 ext.8506 or [email protected]

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