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Partner with TASSP - Exhibits and Sponsorship

TASSP offers exhibitors and sponsors professional development events. Your participation in the development of principals, assistant principals, program directors, mentors, and more is an important goal of TASSP. You are an integral colleague who can enrich the learning culture while promoting your products and/or services through face-to-face conversations with our members.

TASSP is proud of the principals of Texas and the educators who work with over 5 million students in our state. We believe we are providing high-quality training for our members. Exhibitors contribute to the success of TASSP conferences through the many solutions they provide to schools with their products and services. Partner with TASSP to provide education leaders with resources to effectively manage and lead their school districts and county offices of education.
Contact Ofra Levinson [email protected] 512/443-2100 ext 8507 for more information. 


TASSP Summer Workshop June 12-14, 2024, Austin Convention Center, is the largest principal conference in the nation. In 2022, the TASSP Summer Workshop exceeded 2,300 attendees. Summer Workshop is a front runner in leadership and curriculum development programs, delivering solutions to help administrators and their teams improve student learning and achievement. Partner with us as we deliver more than 120 sessions and a trade show floor to provide the critical resources to help education leaders navigate complex policy and leadership issues. Exhibit booth prices start at $815 (Early bird prices)

What will you get out of exhibiting at the 2024 TASSP Conferences and Workshops?

  • The chance to connect and build relationships with attendees.
  • The time to engage your audience and illustrate links between your services and the needs of their schools.
  • An opportunity to earn the confidence and business of public education decision-makers.
  • More than 75% of TASSP exhibitors continue to exhibit year after year!

Who Should Exhibit:

The following are a few of the programs, products and services that are represented at TASSP events:

  • Administrative and instructional software
  • Advanced degrees for educators
  • Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Programs
  • Athletic, P.E. & Gymnasium Supplies, Equip
  • Athletic equipment, surfaces and scoreboards
  • Programs for at-risk, needs, gifted and talented students
  • Awards, Trophies, and Personal Recognition Products
  • Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies
  • Curriculum programs, online and published
  • Colleges/University representatives for educators and students
  • Computer-related hardware and software programs
  • Energy management
  • Financial services for current and retired educators
  • Financial Literacy for students
  • Fundraising
  • Furniture
  • Graduation, yearbooks, rings suppliers
  • Innovative programs
  • Instructional materials and resources
  • Insurance, employee benefits, annuities and risk management
  • Library Books/reference books
  • Live Demonstrations/Activity Centers
  • Maker Space programs
  • Professional development for educators, staff and support personnel
  • RTI
  • School photography
  • School safety programs
  • Signage
  • Software companies
  • Specialty items
  • Technology and computer hardware
  • Testing and assessment materials and software
  • Travel
  • Uniforms
  • Yearbooks, published and digital

For more information about exhibits, contact
Ofra Levinson at [email protected] or at 512-443-2100, Ext. 8507.

Assistant Principal Workshop 2025 TBA is a unique program for leaders who work very closely with students on academic needs, work with teachers on instruction, and work as a team on the management of student discipline, extra-curricular activities, and more.

Making Middle School Matter Symposium: March 4, 2024, Hilton Austin Airport, is open for ALL Middle-Level Educators - teachers, counselors, administrators, and central office administrators. It is focused on instruction and curriculum development that can be implemented in schools and classrooms. Exhibit table price $750

TASSP Motto: Above All, Students First!