New Principal Academy 2021
July 6 - 9, 2021 – VIRTUAL

Tools for the Principalship:
Preparing Novice Campus Principals to Become Highly Qualified Leaders

Registration (flat fee - early and late; member and non-member) $199

If your school district will be hiring new principals, is in the process of grooming you for the principalship, or if you aspire to become a campus administrator, this professional development is a must. The 2021 program will be the 23rd annual TASSP New Principal Academy. The Academy offers any grade-level new principal (0-3 years of experience), aspiring principals, and principals who need a refresher course a very practical hands-on training in skills for the principalship: Culture-building Skills; Best Hiring Practices and Human Resource Information; Campus and Activity Fund Training; Documentation Skills; School Law as it relates to the campus principal; How to Avoid Career Derailing Mistakes; and so much more. This academy receives accolades from former attendees.

There are no travel expenses so the cost of registration is the only cost to the participants. Register today! Don’t miss this!


Tuesday, July 6, 2021
8:15a-11:45a | Eric Cupp and Nelson Coulter
8:15a-8:30a | Cindy Jackson, TASSP Associate Executive Director Professional Development, Government Relations & High School Services
8:30a-9:30a | Eric CuppThe Blessing
9:30a-9:45a | Panel with Eric Cupp and Nelson Coulter on Culture Shaping: The Influence of Internal and External Stakeholders
9:45a-10:00a | Break
10:00a-11:45a | Nelson Coulter - Communication Strategies: Email, Phone, Calendar Management and Meeting Management; Master Schedule/Instructional Improvement

Wednesday, July 7, 2021
8:15a-11:45a |  Gary Williams
8:15a-8:30a | Archie McAfee, TASSP Executive Director
8:30a-11:45a | Gary Williams
  - Legal and Policy Basis for Activity Funds: Introduction to the General Subject Matter
  - Organization and Management of Activity Funds – Classification and Management of Student-Based and Campus-Based Activities
  - Day-to-Day Activity Fund Procedures – Description of the “Nuts” and “Bolts” of Daily Operations
  - Organization and Management of Fund-Raisers – Operations Topic
  - Loose Change Wrap-Up

Thursday, July 8, 2021
8:15a-11:45a | Jennifer Barton, Zach Hobbs, and Haley Turner
8:15a-8:30a | Billy Pringle, TASSP Associate Executive Director Business Operations & Middle Level Services
8:30a-9:45a | Jennifer Barton & Zach Hobbs - Documentation, Investigations and & Employee Relations
9:45a-10:00a | Panel Chat - Making a connection to Haley’s Topics
10:00a-10:15a | Break
10:15a-11:45a | Haley Turner - Employee Rights, Reassignment, and Contract Action

Friday, July 9, 2021
8:15a-11:45a | Jennifer Barton, Zach Hobbs, and Haley Turner
8:15a-8:30a | Cindy Jackson
8:30a-9:45a | Jennifer Barton & Zach Hobbs - Hiring/Interviewing Teachers and Staff; FLSA Compliance
9:45a-10:00a | Panel Chat - Making a connection to Haley’s Topics
10:00a-10:15a | Break
10:15a-11:45a | Haley Turner - 4th Amendment Search & Seizure; Student and Employee Free Speech Rights; Responding to Claims of Discrimination/Harassment

Dr. Eric Cupp - Bringing Kids Hope, Midlothian, TX
Dr. Nelson Coulter - Former Teacher, Coach, Assistant Principal, Principal, Superintendent, Professor of Educator Preparation Programs at UT Austin
Gary Williams - Former Business Manager, Instructor in School Finance at McClennan County Community College
Jennifer Barton - Texas Association of School Boards – Compensation and HR Consultant
Zach Hobbs - Texas Association of School Boards – Assistant Director, HR Services
Haley Turner - Associate, Walsh, Gallegos , Trevino, Russo & Kyle P. C.