Committees are created to help TASSP meet its goals and mission. Committees focus on the operations/functions of the Association and perform identified task(s) in regard to the committee’s area of responsibility. It is a basic premise that each committee will develop competence and breadth of knowledge in that area of expertise to better advise the Board and the TASSP staff.

Committee leaders must align their vision with the TASSP mission and goals and exhibit leadership, communication, and organizational skills to effectively facilitate the accomplishment of the committee’s purpose(s) and activities.

TASSP is committed to provide comprehensive training for committee leaders to equip them to successfully meet the committee's responsibilities. TASSP will provide ongoing training, support and mentoring of committee chairs.

TASSP Volunteer Participation Form

The Texas Association of Secondary School Principals believes that all persons have inherent value, gifts and strengths. These attributes are often left undiscovered unless an individual takes the risk to become more visible at the state level. One way to become more visible is to volunteer to serve on TASSP Committees. Click here