2020-2021 TASSP Principals and Assistant Principal of the Year

Congratulations to the following Principals and Assistant Principals for being selected by their colleagues in their respective regions as the 2020-2021 Region Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year:

2020-2021 TASSP Region Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year:

Region 1 • Ysenia Trevino Molina, HS Principal, Edinburg High School, Edinburg Cons. ISD
Region 1 • Arely Rios Tamez, MS Principal, Vernon MS World Languages Academy, Harlingen Cons. ISD
Region 1 • Laura Denise Collins, HS Ass’t. Principal, United South High School, United ISD
Region 1 • Dariel E. Ramirez, MS Ass’t. Principal, George Washington Middle School, United ISD
Region 2 • Gildardo Salazar, Jr., HS Principal, Orange Grove High School, Orange Grove ISD
Region 2 • Ashley Lowe, MS Principal, George West Jr. High School, George West ISD
Region 3 • Paul Fleener, HS Principal, Victoria West HS, Victoria ISD
Region 3 • Gregory D. Murrile (Morrelli), MS Principal, Shiner Elementary, Shiner ISD
Region 3 • Candance Floyd, HS Ass’t. Principal, Edna High School, Edna ISD
Region 3 • Reymundo Gomez, MS Ass’t. Principal, Stroman Middle School, Victoria ISD
Region 4 • Dr. Joseph Farnsworth, HS Principal, Trinity University, Coll. Of Edu., N/A ISD
Region 4 • Dr. Amber Grady, HS Ass’t. Principal, Lake Olympia MS, Fort Bend ISD
Region 5 • Tim Woolley, HS Principal, Bridge City High School, Bridge City ISD
Region 5 • Nicholas Phillips, MS Principal, West Brook Sr. High School, Beaumont ISD
Region 5 • Tyree Saunders, HS Ass’t. Principal, Hardin-Jefferson High School, Harden-Jefferson ISD
Region 5 • Heidi Strandberg, MS Ass’t. Principal, Mauriceville Middle School, Little Cypress-Mauriceville Cons. ISD
Region 6 • Kristi M. Ramsey, HS Principal, Navasota High School, Navasota ISD
Region 6 • Ke-Ke Johnson, HS Ass’t. Principal, A&M Consolidated High School, College Station ISD
Region 7 • Nathan Heflin, HS Principal, Ore City High School, Ore City ISD
Region 7 • Rachel Evers, MS Principal, Union Grove Jr. High / High School, Union Grove ISD
Region 7 • Cody Taylor, HS Ass’t. Principal, Eustace High School, Eustace ISD
Region 7 • Sara Beth Cantrell, MS Ass’t. Principal, Sabine Middle School, Sabine ISD
Region 8 • Carla Dupree, HS Principal, Texas High School, Texarkana ISD
Region 8 • Kristi Callihan, MS Principal, Paris Junior High School, Paris ISD
Region 8 • Ramon Hernandez, HS Ass’t. Principal, Longview High School, Longview ISD
Region 8 • Misty Williams, MS Ass’t. Principal, Atlanta Middle School, Atlanta ISD
Region 9 • Starla Sanders, HS Principal, Jacksboro High School, Jacksboro ISD
Region 9 • Shannon Cunningham, MS Principal, Kirby Middle School, Wichita Falls ISD
Region 9 • TiAda Radtke, MS Assoc. Principal, S.H. Rider High School, Wichita Falls ISD
Region 10 • Shon Joseph, HS Principal, DeSoto High School, DeSoto ISD
Region 10 • Gregory Pierce, MS Principal, S and S Consolidated Middle School, S and S Cons. ISD
Region 10 • Kristina Pospick, HS Ass’t. Principal, Lebanon Trail High School, Frisco ISD
Region 10 • Theresa D. Taylor, MS Ass’t. Principal, Allen ISD, Allen ISD
Region 11 • Michelle S. Pieniazek, HS Principal, Krum High School, Krum ISD
Region 11 • David Coker, MS Principal, Highland Middle School, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD
Region 11 • Wat Harden, HS Ass’t. Principal, Chisholm Trail High School, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD
Region 11 • Bronwyn Sullenberger, MS Ass’t. Principal, Hillwood Middle School, Keller ISD
Region 12 • Dr. Clint Glaesmann, MS Ass’t. Principal, Midway Middle School, Midway ISD
Region 13 • Paul Johnson, HS Principal, Vista Ridge High School, Leander ISD
Region 13 • Travis Motal, MS Principal, Liberty Hill Junior High School, Liberty Hill ISD
Region 13 • Barbara Ixba, HS Ass’t. Principal, Vista Ridge High School, Leander ISD
Region 13 • Ebony J. Parks, MS Ass’t. Principal, Leander Middle School, Leander ISD
Region 14 • Lyndsey Williamson, HS Principal, Cooper High School, Abilene ISD
Region 14 • Josh Newton, MS Principal, Madison Middle School, Abilene ISD
Region 14 • Richard Cumby, HS Ass’t. Principal, Wylie High School, Wylie ISD
Region 14 • Zachary Sneed, MS Ass’t. Principal, Craig Middle School, Abilene ISD
Region 15 • Shannon RaNae Chapman, HS Principal, Irion County High School, Irion County ISD
Region 15 • Richard Sweaney, MS Principal, Brady ISD, Brady ISD
Region 16 • Carl Clements, HS Principal, Dumas High School, Dumas ISD
Region 16 • Lexy Glass, MS Principal, Gruver Junior High School, Gruver ISD
Region 16 • Dennis Doughty, HS Ass’t. Principal, Pampa High School, Pampa ISD
Region 16 • Stanley Williams, MS Ass’t. Principal, North Plains Opportunity Center, Dumas ISD
Region 17 • Angelica Wilbanks, HS Principal, Estacado High School, Lubbock ISD
Region 17 • Chelseay Campbell, MS Principal, Heritage Middle School, Frenship ISD
Region 17 • Tim Carter, HS Ass’t. Principal, Ropes High School, Ropes ISD
Region 17 • Stacy Franklin, MS Ass’t. Principal, Roosevelt Junior High School, Roosevelt ISD
Region 18 • Mauricio Marquez, HS Principal, Odessa High School, Ector County ISD
Region 18 • Kittie Gibson, MS Principal, Wink Junior High/High School, Wink ISD
Region 18 • Jared Andrews, HS Ass’t. Principal, Midland High School, Midland ISD
Region 18 • Mendy Caviness, MS Ass’t. Principal, Abell Junior High School, Midland ISD
Region 19 • Mark Paz, HS Principal, El Paso High School, El Paso ISD
Region 19 • Dr. Angela Reyna, MS Principal, Parkland Pre-Engineering MS, Ysleta ISD
Region 19 • Daniel Delgado, HS Ass’t. Principal, Socorro High School, Socorro ISD
Region 19 • Rodolfo Macias, Jr., MS Ass’t. Principal, East Montana Middle School, Clint ISD
Region 20 • Todd Bloomer, HS Principal, Churchill High School, North East ISD
Region 20 • Christina Rather, MS Principal, Briscoe Middle School, Northside ISD
Region 20 • Chris Castro, MS Ass’t. Principal, Nimitz/STEM Middle School, North East ISD 


Congratulations again to all of these school leaders for being selected
as Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year.