2023-2024 TASSP STATE Principals and Assistant Principal of the Year

Congratulations to the TASSP Principals and Assistant Principal of the Year. The TASSP Principal Image Committee conducted interviews with each candidate, and selected the individuals listed below for these prestigious awards.

TASSP High School Principal of the Year: Dr. Charles Ryan, Community High School, Region 10
TASSP Middle School Principal of the Year: Angelee Morales, Ouida Baley Middle School, Royse City, Region 10
TASSP Assistant Principal of the Year: Kelsey Taylor, Frenship 9th Grade Center, Region 17

Congratulations to the Finalists:

William Ripley, Whitehouse Jr. High, Region 7 Finalist: MS POY
Peter Braveboy, Barwise Middle School, Wichita Falls, Region 9 Finalist: MS POY
Hillary Terry, Valley View High School, Region 11 Finalist: HS POY
Jerry Estrada, Idalou High School, Region 17 Finalist: HS POY
Tamara Ritchie, Veterans Memorial HS, Corpus Christi, Region 2 Finalist: APOY
Karen Ewton, Salado Middle School, Region 12 Finalist: APOY

Congratulations to the following for being selected by their colleagues in their respective regions as the 2023-2024 Region Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year:

Region 1 • Jessica C. Salazar • High School POY at United High School
Region 1 • Gilbert Moreno • Middle School POY at Trautmann Middle School
Region 1 • Gilbert Cardenas • High School APOY at Alexander High School
Region 1 • Araceli Martinez • Middle School APOY at United Middle School

Region 2 • Gil Salazar, Jr. • High School POY at Orange Grove High School
Region 2 • Melanie Arias • Middle School POY at Tuloso-Midway Middle School
Region 2 • Tamara Ritchie • High School APOY at Veterans Memorial High School
Region 2 • Dr. Katherine Diane Teran • Middle School APOY at Cunningham MS @ S. Park

Region 3 • Justin Gabrysch • High School POY at Victoria East High School
Region 3 • Brandon Karl • Middle School POY at Industrial Jr. High School
Region 3 • Sarah Bradley • High School APOY at Edna High School
Region 3 • Leah Graves • Middle School APOY at Palacios Middle School

Region 4 • Kenneth Brantley II • High School POY at Wisdom High School
Region 4 • Cheryl Roberts • High School APOY at Brazoswood High School

Region 5 • Vanessa Bennett • High School POY at Deweyville High School
Region 5 • Aaron Herrington • Middle School POY at Vider Jr. High School
Region 5 • Velvet Malbrough • High School APOY at Beaumont Pathways
Region 5 • Brenda Brevell • Middle School APOY at Groves Middle School

Region 6 • Cesar Condarco • High School POY at Porter High School
Region 6 • Brad Milam • High School APOY at Caney Creek High School

Region 7 • Lonnie Henry • High School POY at Harmony High School
Region 7 • William Ripley • Middle School POY at Whitehouse Jr. High School
Region 7 • Kyle Wright • High School APOY at Lindale High School
Region 7 • David Chatterton • Middle School APOY at Union Grove Jr. High School

Region 8 • Tonya Briggs • High School POY at Pewitt High School
Region 8 • Jakeb Goff • Middle School POY at Liberty-Eylau Middle School
Region 8 • Nathanael Carter • High School APOY at Atlanta High School
Region 8 • Amy Adkins • Middle School APOY at Paris Jr. High School

Region 9 • Adam Arredondo • High School POY at Seymour High School
Region 9 • Peter Braveboy • Middle School POY at Barwise Middle School
Region 9 • Sarah Taylor • High School APOY at Iowa Park High School
Region 9 • Brenda De Leon • Middle School APOY at Barwise Middle School

Region 10 • Charles Ryan • High School POY at Community High School
Region 10 • Angelee Morales • Middle School POY at Ouida Baley Middle School
Region 10 • Josh Greenwood • High School APOY at McKinney North
Region 10 • Meghan Coates • Middle School APOY at Highland Park Middle School

Region 11 • Hillary Terry • High School POY at Valley View High School
Region 11 • Michael Martinak • Middle School POY at Bedford Jr. High School
Region 11 • Teresa Moore • High School APOY at Azle High School
Region 11 • Kendra Sanders • Middle School APOY at Kerr Middle School

Region 12 • Ben Smith • High School POY at Belton High School
Region 12 • Jennifer Allison • Middle School POY at Lorena Middle School
Region 12 • Haily Rambo • High School APOY at China Spring High School
Region 12 • Karen Ewton • Middle School APOY at Salado Middle School

Region 13 • Michael Grebb • High School POY at Hendrickson High School
Region 13 • Mike Colvin • Middle School POY at Comfort Middle School
Region 13 • Wendell Mills • High School APOY at Vista Ridge High School

Region 14 • Lyndsey Williamson • High School POY at Cooper High School
Region 14 • Chad Drake • Middle School POY at Mann Middle School
Region 14 • Heath Wright • High School APOY at Abilene High School
Region 14 • Meredith Ware • Middle School APOY at Craig Middle School

Region 15 • Ryan Snowden • High School POY at Wall High School
Region 15 • Tambra Hollway • High School APOY at Christoval High School

Region 16 • Brett Beesley • High School POY at Tascosa High School
Region 16 • Kristy White • Middle School POY at Farwell Jr High School
Region 16 • Brandi Ray • High School APOY at Tascosa High School
Region 16 • Tiffany Lee • Middle School APOY at Canyon Jr. High School

Region 17 • Jerry Estrada • High School POY at Idalou High School
Region 17 • Cary Short • Middle School POY at New Deal Middle School
Region 17 • Kelsey Taylor • High School APOY at Frenship 9th Grade Center
Region 17 • Scott Swindoll • Middle School APOY at Terra Vista Middle School

Region 18 • Kittie Gibson • High School POY at Wink High School
Region 18 • Lori Haltom • Middle School POY at Goddard Jr. High School
Region 18 • Lena Thompson • High School APOY at Legacy High School
Region 18 • Robin Wilkie • Middle School APOY at Rankin High School

Region 19 • Cyndi Ponce • High School POY at Austin High School
Region 19 • Dr. Angela Reyna • Middle School POY at Parkland Pre-Engineering
Region 19 • Erica Olivas • High School APOY at Socorro High School
Region 19 • Luz Daniela Palmer • Middle School APOY at Ensor Middle School

Region 20 • Shelby Balser • High School POY at Tivy High School
Region 20 • Jason X. Herrera • Middle School POY at Eisenhower Middle School
Region 20 • Humberto (Beto) Torres • High School APOY at Uvalde High School
Region 20 • Samantha Canales • Middle School APOY at Eisenhower Middle School