Celebrating 100 Years!

TASSP turns 100 years old this year, and we are proud to celebrate this milestone of putting students first for over 100 years! TASSP was founded in 1923, and since that time, countless principals and assistant principals have led our schools through good times and bad times, but always in keeping with our motto - “Above All, Students First!”

TASSP is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes and the primary aim of the Association shall be to promote the advancement of secondary school education by providing a clearing house for discussions bearing on the problems of secondary school operation, and by encouraging research in secondary education.

The secondary aim of TASSP is to serve as the sponsoring organization for the Texas Association of Student Councils and the Texas Association of Future Educators; and to motivate secondary school principals, within their respective schools, to promote student council participation and to encourage students to become teachers.

Please watch for the “TASSP One Hundred Year Anniversary” celebrations planned throughout this school year and culminating with a “Birthday Party” at the TASSP Summer Workshop in Austin, Texas in June 2023.

Best wishes for continued success!
Archie E. McAfee, TASSP Executive Director

What has TASSP meant to you through the years?

Where do you meet you colleagues, learn, have fun, and get inspired to educate students in Texas in a great way?  TASSP!  Happy 100 year Anniversary. - Dr. Barbara Ray Polk

TASSP has allowed me to meet and network with other administrators throughout the state that I may have otherwise never met or collaborated with. I have created relationships and friendships that mean the world to me. TASSP has also allowed me to develop and grow in my leadership skills and abilities. I absolutely love being a member of TASSP!!!

On behalf of UHV College of Education & Health Professions - Happy 100th Anniversary!

The connections, training, and support TASSP has provided me, and the schools I have served are invaluable. Happy Birthday, TASSP! - Robert Webb

Happy Birthday! Thanks for being a voice of reason and why we got into this business, to better students! Thanks for putting in the work to keep principals grounded and in the know of all things education. - Amanda Powers

Thank you for equipping and providing many avenues to gain wisdom in serving and leading our scholars.

TASSP was the constant networking support that allowed me to work with students and lead secondary campuses for 27 years! - Gail Gregg

Congratulations TASSP the best leadership organization to be a part of! - Jessica C. Salazar, United High School

Happy 100th Birthday TASSP. May you celebrate many more years seeking to further the importance of school administrators that are connected, innovative, and above all else, putting our students first.

Thank you, TASSP, for serving as a leader of professional development that prepares secondary school principals and assistant principals for making a difference in the lives of young people who are preparing for a post-high school journey at college, in the armed services or at a technical school. Thank you for being the voice that defends secondary schools against hurtful legislation and that promotes legislation that adds value and purpose to the secondary school experience. Thank you for making decisions based on student needs and leadership opportunities. This association is respected by state and national educators, and it continues to grow in number and engagement. This is phenomenal in current times. Congratulations, TASSP executive leaders and members, for achieving this milestone. What an achievement!

Cindy Kirby Jackson, TASSP Associate Executive Director (Ret.) 2005-2021

What a celebration!!! Thank you for putting students first in Texas for a century now! - Yolanda Chamberlain

Great support for us to support our students, Thanks TASSP!!!! - Dr. Angelina

From all of us at Education Advanced, congratulations on 100 years of supporting secondary principals so they can prepare students for a successful future. As educators first and foremost, we recognize the value TASSP provides its members, and we are grateful to work alongside you to continue advancing education for the next 100 years!

It has afforded me the opportunity to make great connections and grow as an Administrator!  - TaMeka Martin, Assistant Principal, Splendora High School

TASSP has provided me with valuable leadership training throughout the years.  Happy 100!!!

Great organization... great leadership... great mentorship... great support... great professional development... great relationships!! - Brett Beesley, Tascosa High School

TASSP was instrumental in my development as a principal and leader.  From my first Assistant Principal Workshop 37 years ago through my retirement, TASSP provided the highest quality professional development, motivated me to be better, provided multiple leadership opportunities, and was the source of many of my most treasured friendships.  Few, if any, associations provide equal services to its members.  Thank you TASSP.

Being a part of this association since 2003 has truly been life changing for me as an Administrator. The Professional Development offered at the Summer Conferences made a huge impact on the how I worked with my faculty, my admin team and most importantly, my students. TASSP provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve as an Executive Officer and the friendships and connections that I made with last me for the rest of my life, not just my career. I am a better administrator, a better man, and a better person as a result of my relationship with the people that make up TASSP. May Almighty God continue to shine HIs face upon us. May each of us continue to be good stewards of our most precious natural resources; the boys and girls of the great state of Texas that walk our hallways every single day. Always remember your WHY!

Thank you for all of your support over the years. You have provided many opportunities for growth as an administrator and I genuinely appreciate it.

Thank you for the awesome support! - Ieka Wilridge, Port Arthur ISD, Assistant Principal!


I am proud to be one of those TASSP principals who learned and grew from other principals. As I served 26 years as Assistant Principal, Jr High and High Schools principal, serving as TASSP President, NASSP President and lead the creation of the International Confederation of Principals. I was fortunate to have traveled around the world to share the value of leadership and friendship to hundreds of principals all over the planet. Hope to have a few more days of fellowship and Leadership with my brothers and sisters around the world. - E Don Brown, HEB ISD, Retired

TASSP is a wonderful organization with a plethora of wonderful resources and contacts! It has truly been a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful group! - Bernardina Riojas

Thank you for creating an environment where students are at the heart of all you do! I appreciate the people TASSP has brought in over the years to help me to be a better person for our students and learning community. Keep up the great work!

TASSP has prominently brought innovative information to Texas school districts.

It is so comforting to know that I am a part of an organization that does so much to ensure our students have administrators that are well-informed, well-trained, and well-connected! Thank you TASSP!

I am grateful for TASSP and the many opportunities to grow within our profession! - Dr. David Arencibia

TASSP is a first-class organization that had a significant impact on my career! I am so grateful for the connections I made through TASSP as a member, Region 9 coordinator, and Principal Image Committee volunteer. Happy 100-year Anniversary TASSP!

Brad Burnett, Superintendent, Jacksboro ISD TASSP Member 2004-2019.

Happy Anniversary!  So proud to be a Texas educator and belong to an organization such as this. - Dr. Jackson

This association keeps me up to date and gives me ideas to try in my school.

Thank you for the leadership and networking opportunities that TASSP has provided for me!

Happy Anniversary TASSP! - Dr. Rene Malveaux

A great organization full of amazing people.

Congratulations to a tremendous organization! - Dr. Jeff Roberts

TASSP has provided incredible networking and professional growth opportunities for me and my staffs through the years.

I have been a member of TASSP for one year; and, I am a very proud member of this organization.  Thank you for your dedication to students.  Above all, students first.

The Youth Transportation Safety Program at Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) has been proud to partner with and attend TASSP events and conferences over the years. We appreciate all the educators, thank you for being the best!

TASSP means networking, fellowship, security, and support for the principalship. Thank you, TASSP, for your inspiration to the profession.  Happy 100th anniversary, and here's to another hundred years of supporting principals across our great state!  All the best, David Warren

Congratulations!  100 Year Anniversary, Love R. Guidry

Thanks, TASSP for supporting administrators across the state of Texas.  You are making an impact so we can make an impact on the lives of our students!

TASSP is amazing for networking and learning the newest, most relevant strategies for secondary education! Shannon Wilhite, PhD Lone Oak Middle School Principal

Congratulations on hitting 100 years!!! Here's to 100 more! - Rashad Muhammad, Crowley ISD

TASSP is an amazing organization and I will always be grateful for the guidance and support they have afforded to me. Happy Birthday!

TASSP has meant a great deal to me throughout my career and beyond.  Membership in this organization has supplied me with invaluable training, lifetime friends and good times. I have always encouraged campus principals, assistant principals and prospective administrators to join TASSP, get involved and attend training opportunities afforded members of TASSP.  Sincerely, Bruce Cunningham

Thanks to TASSP for contributing to our success for 100 years. I can imagine the growth seen in this century and am exciting for my time contributing to this organization. Here's to 100 more!

TASSP has provided me professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities beyond anything I have experienced in any other organization. My professional career, leadership development, and personal growth are a testament to the people I have met and the things I have learned through TASSP - Zack Kleypas

TASSP has provided collegial collaboration over the years to spread best practices for the students of Texas.

TASSP has given me a way to connect with those in similar positions and truly grow as a professional and individual. - Danielle McCabe

Best leadership organization...always putting students truly first!!  Supportive of all secondary leadership!  The staff is always there when you need them, you never feel alone!!  Thank you for all the support and learning throughout the years!! - Jill Stafford, Principal, Lowery Freshman Center, Allen ISD

TASSP has always refreshed my mind, body, and spirit by providing uplifting words of advice and confidence in what we do!

Thank you for providing high quality PD and connections to campus leaders! - Rita Pintavalle

Great Association of which I am proud to be a member of!

TASSP instills in me the knowledge, guidance and affirmation to Keep Students First! Thank you! - Sandy Salinas-DeLeon

The TASSP leadership is always available to answer any questions and provide support. I really appreciate their expertise, availability, and willingness to help when I need it. My membership in TASSP is a valuable tool in my leadership toolkit that I make sure I renew every year no matter what! Thank you, TASSP!! Sincerely, Laura Breaux

Congratulations on leading the way! Looking forward to 100 more! - Pamela S. Foster

Wonderful opportunities to NETWORK over the years!!  WANDA FRYER, Gonzales ISD

Congratulations! - Marie Tucker, Alvin ISD

TASSP has been a great support to me throughout my 18 years as a high school principal.  The organization has enabled me to build a network of fellow principals.  These networking opportunities have provided me with many tremendous learning opportunities.  TASSP continues to play an integral part in my journey as a campus leader.

Happy Anniversary! - Kathy Harmon

TASSP has been the foundation of my Leadership experience.  I have met so many amazing leaders from across the state as well as had an opportunity to contribute to the development of other through TASSP.  This is the best Educational Leadership organization in the world and I have had the distinct pleasure of being part of this amazing organization. - Juan Nava

I am so proud to call myself a TASSP member. Our organization always put students first and has been a champion of educational leadership, created opportunities for students throughout the state.

100 Years of putting kids first!  Proud to be a part of this organization!  - Amelie Sanchez, Principal, Edcouch Elsa High School

Thank you for your service and dedication to the students and educational leaders of Texas! - Darla Forney, Principal White Deer HS

WESTLAKE ACADEMY would like to congratulate TASSP on celebrating 100 YEARS!!

TASSP has allowed me to build collegial relationships with likeminded educators and forge ahead in my leadership journey to make a positive difference in students' and their families' lives with students' public school education being the "tipping point," for not just "college and career" readiness, but "life" readiness. - Dr. Katrina Guillory

TASSP has been a wonderful network of support!!!! - Nancy Rinehart

Liz Aguirre

Andy Ball

Karmen Chavez

TASSP has always been synonymous with fantastic sessions that will provide top-notch PD, keep us "in-the-know," and legal on all accounts. If you want to know what is the latest and greatest in education be part of TASSP. -Roxanne Lathan

Being a member of TASSP has afforded me numerous opportunities to grow professionally and connect with talented educational thought leaders across the state.  I am always so excited to meet with the minds and collaborate on and exchange various ideas that allow me to make informed decisions for the success of all scholars.  Thank you TASSP for your commitment to leadership development and excellence for all educational leaders! Happy 100th Anniversary.


Thank you! Woot Woot!

TASSP has made such a difference in my career.  I have presented for the conference many times and met so many outstanding school leaders at this conference.  It has enabled me to present at schools throughout Texas due to the exposure and relationships I have built at the conference.  Happy 100 year Anniversary TASSP! - Sincerely, Aric Bostick

Grateful for reliable support and training in all stages of the profession! - R. Salazar

I've always received valuable knowledge while attending TASSP Summer Conference. The Guest speakers, vendors, and class facilitators all play an integral part of the success story of this conference. I am glad to be able to participate and become part of history for this special event! - Tyrus Lacey

Thank you for ALWAYS putting students first! Your commitment to providing professional development opportunities is unmatched! - Justin D Crittenden

This group of servant leaders inspired me during my administrative career, and their influence has continued through my life. I am extremely grateful for the friendships and shared commitment to educational excellence. Texas public education will continue to be the best in the world as long as it adheres to the standards of TASSP. Remember The Students! - Charlie Jehlen

 It has been an opportunity to network and learn from those who have been in the field allowing me to be an efficient administrator!