2024 Fall Leadership Academy

September 29-30, 2024 (Sun & Mon) | Austin Airport Hilton

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Registration is $285 - Early Bird pricing until 9/13/2024
After 9/13/2024 cost is $335 per person. Register Now!
TASSP hotel block is $155 per night.

Improve Campus Performance and Student Achievement
Through Better Instructional Leadership Techniques

Co-sponsored by TASSP and Lead Your School a TASSP Corporate Partner

The TASSP/LYS Leadership Academy will provide specific instructional leadership techniques and information to empower school leaders to produce continuous academic growth.

Topics included in this training:
   • Creating a culture of change.
   • Leveraging the power of informal & semi-formal coaching to improve school performance.
   • Using data that moves a campus or district from predicting the future to changing the future.
   • Purposeful PLC’s.
   • Prioritizing leadership focus.

Keynote Speakers: Sean Cain and Eric Sheninger

SEAN CAIN spent the formative years of his career working in difficult instructional settings. Recognized for the success of both his students and the systems he designed and implemented, he quickly moved up through the instructional leadership ranks. This culminated in his last public education position as State Director of Innovative School Redesign (Texas). Currently, Cain serves as the Chief Idea Officer for Lead Your School (LYS), a confederation of successful school leaders dedicated to improving student, campus, and district performance.

ERIC SHENINGER works with schools throughout the world, helping educators meet and exceed their potential to improve outcomes for learners. He is the founder and CEO of Aspire Change EDU, a collaborative consultancy designed to provide personalized support to all educational systems. Prior to this, he was a teacher and the award-winning Principal at New Milford High School (NJ). Under his leadership, his school became a globally recognized model for innovative practices. Eric oversaw the successful implementation of several sustainable change initiatives that radically transformed the learning culture at his school while increasing achievement. His work focuses on innovative and practical ways educators can transform teaching, learning, and leadership.  Through his work with thousands of schools, Eric has emerged as an innovative leader, best-selling author, and sought-after speaker. His main focus is using research and evidence-based practices to empower learners and educators.

Plan for this Opportunity to Learn How to Improve Campus Performance and Student Achievement Through Better Instructional Leadership Techniques!

Tentative Schedule

SUNDAY Sept. 29
9:00a-5:30p - Registration
1:00p-4:00p - Welcome / Opening Keynote with Eric Sheninger: Disruptive Thinking in our Classrooms: Preparing Learners for their Future
(Break at 2:15) The world has and continues to change in ways that are difficult to predict. Regardless of the forces at hand, leaders play a pivotal role in creating the conditions for student success now and in the future. The best way to do this is to create a disruptive thinking culture in our classrooms and schools that future-proofs learning for ALL kids! Get ready for a roller coaster journey that weaves stories, practical ideas, and insights from thousands of classrooms to create meaningful learning experiences that will withstand the test of time. It’s time to challenge the status quo when it comes to teaching and learning in our classrooms. Our learners—and their future in a bold new world—depend on us.

4:15p-5:15p - Sean Cain (Leadership Coach, Author, Principal): Run the System or Get Run Over - Leading a school requires navigating a complex set of problems. When faced with  complex problems, most people believe that they need a complex solution. Let your competition believe this. The most effective way to tackle the complex is through direct, scalable actions executed with increasing competence and tempo. Join Sean Cain as he shares how to build, implement, and lead a focused, instructional system that will leverage staff brainpower and effort for the purpose of optimizing academic outcomes for every student. If this sounds complex, it isn't.

MONDAY Sept. 30

8:15a-9:30a - Lesa Cain (Leadership Coach, Author, Principal): Opportunity Coaching: How to Coach Teachers on the Fly - Never said by any successful coach, “I do my best coaching in my office, by text and email.” Without timely and consistent coaching, teachers will underperform, regardless of their effort. Timely, targeted coaching positions teachers to purposefully hone their craft, leverage their effort, and improve student outcomes. Great coaches know how to coach, when to coach, what to coach, and where to coach. In this session, the how, when, what, and where of effective staff coaching will be revealed. This session is aligned with the books, Opportunity Coaching: How To Coach Teachers On The Fly (Cain) and Little Things Matter: Management Lessons From Exceptional School Leaders (Cain and Laird).

9:40a-10:40 - Sherilynn Cotten (Leadership Coach, Author, Principal): Plan To Teach Better: The Fundamentals of Performance Planning - A lesson plan prepares you to teach. When you are prepared to teach, you teach better. When you teacher better, more students are more successful. You cannot afford to allow lesson planning to be a diffused, occasional practice. Make lesson planning a fundamental success habit. Learn how to use a streamlined, one page lesson plan process that embeds The Fundamental 5 in every lesson. Experience the type of thinking and discussions that should occur in instructional planning meetings. Build the confidence to lead your staff in a campus wide process that will prepare them to be better teachers and position their classrooms to be more productive. This session is aligned with the book, The Fundamental 5 Revisited: Quality Instruction in Every Setting (Cain, Laird, Cotten, and Ellspermann).

10:50a-11:50a - Sean Cain (Leadership Coach, Author, Principal): Assess for Success: Let Go of the Mess - You can assess to inform you of what has occurred. Yawn. We know what occurred. We were there. You can assess to predict what will happen if nothing changes. Whatever. We know what will happen. We have done this before. Or… You can assess to create a better future. INTERESTING… Tell us more. Learn how to build and embed an aligned assessment program that protects instructional time and provides teachers with ongoing, timely information they can use to adjust their activities and practices to accelerate and elevate student performance. Let go of the mess so you can Assess for Success.

12:00p-12:45p - LUNCH PROVIDED

12:50p-1:50p - Dr. Mike Laird (Leadership Coach, Author, Principal): Fast Twitch Data Use: Practical Teacher Data Practices - We spend hours and hours parsing instructional data, yet nothing seems to really improve. What if it is not the data? What if it is not the time spent? What if it the processes we use? Spoiler alert… It is. See what happens when you simplify the data analysis process, speed up the tempo of data analysis, slightly change the focus of data analysis, and empower teachers to reflect. Adjust and engage. Fast Twitch Data Use will teach you how to take your existing cumbersome, demoralizing data analysis process and transform it into a robust and powerful performance improving engine.

2:05p-3:00p - Terry Clapsaddle (Leadership Coach, Principal): Bedrock Practices: The Solid Foundation of an Effective School - Having one exceptional teacher is a matter of luck. Having a handful of exceptional teachers is a happy coincidence. Having a staff stacked with exceptional teachers is a product of powerful systems and proactive leadership. This exciting session will share the foundation practices that are evident in classroom after classroom in schools that are truly focused on optimizing opportunities for every student. This session is aligned with the books, Little Things Matter: Management Lessons From Exceptional School Leaders (Cain and Laird), The Fundamental 5 Revisited: Quality Instruction in Every Setting (Cain, Laird, Cotten, and Ellspermann), Stealth SEL: Healthy Social Emotional Learning (Cain and Tsang), and Opportunity Coaching: How To Coach Teachers On The Fly.

3:00p-3:45p - Lead Your School Coaching Staff: Facilitated Planning, Consultation, and Support - Before heading back to your campus take time to outline a plan of action with your team and discuss prioritized next steps and strategies with the Lead Your School Coaching Staff. A plan means you are prepared. Prepared means you will be effective. Effective means you will be successful. Return to campus prepared to effectively implement your plan for success.