2022 Fall Leadership Academy

September 25-26, 2022 | Hilton Palacio Del Rio in San Antonio 

 Early bird Registration Fee: $275 through September 9, 2022; After September 9 registration is $325

Improve Campus performance and Student Achievement
Through Better Instructional Leadership Techniques

Co-sponsored by TASSP and Lead Your School a TASSP Corporate Partner

The TASSP/LYS Leadership Academy will provide specific instructional leadership techniques and information to empower school leaders to produce continuous academic growth.

Topics included in this training:
   • Creating a culture of change.
   • Leveraging the power of informal & semi-formal coaching to improve school performance.
   • Using data that moves a campus or district from predicting the future to changing the future.
   • Purposeful PLC’s.
   • Prioritizing leadership focus.

Keynote Speakers: Sean Cain and Dr. Todd Whitaker

Sunday, Sept. 25, 2022
3:00p - 5:00p | How To Get All Teachers To Be Like The Best Teachers - Todd Whitaker
Every school has amazing teachers who have an incredible impact on students and learning. These special teachers have the ability to connect with all students and deliver highly effective instruction. Each school also has teachers with varying ranges of talent and ability. If all teachers could become more like the most effective teachers, then we would have significant improvement in every school. This session focuses on what leaders can do to get all of the teachers to be like their very best teachers.

5:15p - 6:15p | The Bounce Back - Sean Cain and Dr. Mike Laird
As schools BOUNCE BACK, it is critical that teachers implement enhanced instructional practices at high frequency and high quality. The authors of The Fundamental 5 Revisited visually showcase the restorative power of The Fundamental 5.

Monday, Sept. 26, 2022
8:15a - 9:30a | Re-building Learning Systems - Sean Cain
How to re-establish the effective use of key instructional tools and practices critical for accelerating student academic recovery and optimizing student outcomes.

9:40a - 10:40a | PLCs in the Real World - Sherilynn Cotten and Lesa Cain
Jump start your PLC process with a focus on system building and improved pedagogy.

10:50a - 11:50a | Stealth PLC - Dr. Tricia Tsang
How to create and maintain a classroom that is both emotionally healing and instructionally effective. Based on the book, Stealth SEL: Healthy Social Emotional Learning Through Enhanced Pedagogy, by Sean Cain and Tricia Tsang.

12:00n - 12:45p | Lunch - El Mirador Room

12:50p - 1:50p | The Exponential Power of Micro-Training - Lesa Cain
The Fundamentals of using micro-training to continuously elevate staff capacity. Taught experientially through high interest micro-sessions: The Redo - Sean Cain, Fundamental Planning - Sherilynn Cotten, and Fighting Fires - Mike Laird.

2:00p - 3:00p | The Power of Powerful Habits – Sean Cain
Student Performance is Driven by Adult Practice. Adult Practice is Driven By Habit and Routine. This is a fast-paced discussion that shows you the key leadership habits to embrace that will quickly lead to better instructional habits. These better instructional habits then accelerate student performance, making campus academic recovery almost automatic. Learn how to harness to the power of powerful habits.

3:30 - 3:30 | Consultation and Problem Solving – Lead Your School Coaching Staff
Lead Your School Coaching Staff will be available to discuss the implementation of your ideas and initiatives.

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and Student Achievement Through Better Instructional Leadership Techniques!